School Requirements for Depositing a Dissertation

Follow the Graduate College Guidelines in addition to the following School requirements. Your dissertation must be complete (meaning that it should include your table of contents, etc.) before it will be checked. You need not have all of your revisions from your final committee completed to have the format checked.

Procedure of Dissertation Format Check

When you provide your dissertation to your committee for your final dissertation defense, you should give a hard copy to Kathy Dysart to have your format checked. You can then incorporate format changes with your final revisions. Once that is completed you will return the dissertation to Kathy for one more final format check. It is recommended that you meet with Kathy in person to discuss her feedback if necessary. Please submit your final draft to Kathy at least 10 working days before the dissertation deposit deadline. Please provide your UIN for dissertation approval.

Students who choose not to deposit their dissertation for a period of time after completion of their final defense must have their dissertation completed with revisions and format changes while still on campus. Once this is done and you are ready to deposit you may send an email to Kathy Dysart at with your UIN for your dissertation to be approved with the Graduate College.

The School does not provide editing.

Requirements for Dissertation Format

An abstract is required with the title of ABSTRACT.

Please use all capitals and bold for major headings, e.g. ABSTRACT, ACKNOWLEDGMENTS, TABLE OF CONTENTS, CHAPTER HEADINGS, etc. Subheadings should be in upper and lower case. All chapters must say CHAPTER 1, etc.; single space and then the next line should be the title of the chapter. Center all chapter headings; multiple line headings need to be single spaced. Use bold, italics or underlines for subheadings. These need to be easily seen on the page. Do not center all of your subheadings.

The title “TABLE OF CONTENTS” should be in bold print, but no other bold lines, italics or underlinings should appear on the table of contents. If there are two lines to a heading, single space and line up the second line of text with the first word of the heading; make sure the first line does not overlap the page numbers. Main level headings from within chapters should be listed in the Table of Contents, do not include lower level headings in the Table of Contents (per Grad College request). Please use this format CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION on the Table of Contents only.

The list of References should start on a new page using the heading of REFERENCES. Please make sure references are single-spaced and double-spaced between and that you do not split the reference citation on separate pages: if some of the lines automatically roll to the next page you must force the rest of the citation to that page with a page break.

All line spacing needs to be consistent throughout the dissertation.

Social Work Abstracts

Students are encouraged to prepare an abstract for Social Work Abstracts. You may obtain the necessary forms from the PhD Program Director.