iMSW Program

iMSW Program- Overview

For over 40 years, the School of Social Work has offered MSW degree access to place-bound practitioners who live away from the Urbana-Champaign campus. This program is designed to allow you to continue to work full-time in your home communities while advancing your education. (Students often complete field placements in the social service agency where they currently work.) In addition to our traditional iMSW Advanced Clinical hybrid program, which couples online education with home area field placements and limited weekend coursework in Urbana, we are excited to offer two new iMSW program options in 2019:

  1. The weekend portion of the iMSW Advanced Clinical hybrid program will be available in Chicago as well as in Urbana, so you can choose the option that is most convenient.
  2. The Leadership and Social Change (LSC) program is now is available 100% online. Academic requirements for program admission, program advancement, course requirements and syllabi, objectives and expectations, and degree requirements are identical to the MSW Campus Program.

The iMSW Program prepares students for advanced social work practice and research in public and private agencies in two primary concentrations: Leadership and Social Change (LSC) and Advanced Clinical. Within the Advanced Clinical concentration, students choose a focus area to specialize in: Mental Health, Health Care, or Children, Youth, and Family Services.

Every student must choose a concentration and complete an internship within that concentration. The following links provide more information about each of the enrollment options.

iMSW Enrollment Options: