CLL Survey Results

What students and agencies are saying about the Community Learning Lab

  • 80% of students felt more connected to the community

  • 100% of faculty said they would use CLL again in the future

  • 75% of students were able to further develop professional skills

  • 76% of community partners said working with CLL enabled them to provide better services for their clients

  • 81% of community Partners were able to complete a project that otherwise would not have been completed

  • 100% of community partners were overall satisfied with their partnership with the CLL

What students are saying:

“Learned to work with different people; not only book learning. It is different when talking with people who are not just theoretical discussion.” – Business student

“I believe this opportunity gave me a real world experience in terms of learning how to communicate with others and find strengths and weaknesses in the social media aspects of their organization. I think that the communication skills that I developed will greatly help me as I grow as a professional.” – Business student

“It helped me to learn how to deal with a client and create a sustainable plan of action.” – Business student

“I learned how to work with an agency in a professional manner.” – Social Work student

“It has given me a chance to work with populations that I had not worked with previously. Also, it helped me further develop my interpersonal skills with administrators and other staff members.” – Social Work student

“Learning how to work with real situations, real problems, and interacting with real clients. Pushes you to actually learn so that you can offer a real result to the client.” – Business student

“This experience has added to my growth as a professional by applying lessons learned in the classroom to real situations, I feel as if I gain a better understanding of how to apply them to my career.” – Business student

What agencies are saying:

“I loved the students and their drive to make the project not only what we needed, but was very creative in the way they went about making it work. I would love to have more students next semester.” – Connie Vincent, Volunteer Coordinator, Harbor Light Hospice