Janet Carter-Black

Janet Carter-Black

Office: 2066

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Educational Background

Dr. Carter-Black received her bachelor’s degree in English in 1977, her MSW degree in 1995, and her PhD in social work in 2005, all from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. For 21 years prior to joining the faculty at the UIUC School of Social Work, Professor Carter-Black served children, youth, and families at Cunningham Children’s Home, a private residential child welfare agency located in Urbana, Illinois. In 1996 Dr. Carter-Black became a partner at Black & Black Associates, a private therapeutic counseling practice and consulting firm where she provided training, staff development and consultation to various human service organizations and educators around the country. Professor Carter-Black began her teaching career as an Adjunct instructor at Parkland Community College and the UIUC School of Social Work in 1997 and 1998 respectively.

Research and Practice Interests

Dr. Carter-Black’s research interests include resilience in African American families and the strategies employed by parents that facilitate healthy development and positive outcomes for their children despite a) the disparities found at the intersection of race, gender, and social class, and b) the external economic, political, and socio-cultural forces that perpetuate these disparities. Her research focuses on parenting practices that influence and shape children’s understanding of race, gender, and social class, teach them techniques for confronting racism, gender inequality, and social elitism, and imbue them with coping mechanisms that mitigate against the deleterious effects of race-related stress. Dr. Carter-Black is committed to strengthening the knowledge-base and building on practice competence and skills that will better serve racial/ethnic minority families in general and African American families in particular.

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