Become a Field Education Site

Partnerships = Possibilities.

How does it work?

There are several levels of field experience at the University of Illinois School of Social Work.  A MSW (clinical/macro) student may be in field for one to two semesters depending on their undergraduate degree, while a BSW (generalist) student will serve one semester.

All students adhere to the Illinois Placement Plan, a modified block placement. Each semester of placement is comprised of 16 weeks, 30-32 hours a week while the Advanced Standing summer internship is 14 weeks, 40 hours/week.

The School offers a dedicated field education faculty that works closely with all students to help tailor the internship experience to each student’s particular interests and needs.

Our field education faculty makes all introductions between agencies and students and helps to facilitate interview opportunities. Once an agency and student have come to an agreement, the field office provides ongoing support throughout the internship.

What can students do for you?

Examples of possible MSW learning experiences:

  • Clinical assessments/evaluations
  • Treatment planning
  • Therapeutic intervention with individuals, groups and families
  • Program development
  • Networking with stakeholders and their organizations
  • Community organizing

Examples of possible BSW learning experiences:

  • Assessing a client or community’s needs
  • Empowering clients, communities and systems of all sizes
  • Contacting and utilizing community resources
  • Crisis intervention and supportive counseling under the supervision of clinician
  • Conducting interviews with individuals, families, and systems of all sizes
  • Implementing and evaluating effectiveness of interventions and/or programs
  • Keeping concise and accurate records
  • Managing a workload/case manager


Are you interested in partnering with the School of Social Work by becoming an internship site? If so, we’d love to speak with you. Please complete the form and a member of the Field Education team will contact you to explore this possibility.

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