Colombia Case Worker

Madison Adoption Associates

Location: Rochester, Illinois

End date: 2018-03-31


A staff member in this position performs a variety of duties with the goal of helping children find loving families. This incumbent will help recruit, identify and interview prospective adoptive parents (PAP) for available children, and once matched, will help the families through the entire adoption process concentrating mostly on superior customer service, accurate record-keeping, Hague compliance and organization. The position requires the ability to effectively interact with clients, staff, visitors, and contacts from other agencies, and state and federal offices. The position also requires the ability to be organized, flexible, diligent, and creative. Because of the nature of the work involved and the office setting, this incumbent is aware of and must adhere to the program confidentiality policy at all times.

Reports to: IL Executive Director/ Country Program Director

Primary Duties
1) Respond to inquiries and answer PAP’s questions related to available adoption programs.
2) Act as primary contact for families adopting through one of MAA’s adoption programs.
3) Be familiar with all aspects of MAA’s adoption programs – home study requirements, dossier preparation, country requirements, dealing with international contacts, and completing the travel and post-adoption process.
4) Evaluate families for consideration for MAA’s waiting child program in cooperation with other MAA staff.
5) Assist families as they navigate through adoption process, including but not limited to:
o Locating a home study agency, if applicable;
o Preparing for the home study assessment;
o Assisting with I-800A process;
o Preparing client’s dossier paperwork;
o Authentication of documents;
o Submitting dossier to intercountry adoption authority;
o Official referral process (LOA/Placement Proposals);
o Assisting with the immigration process;
o Assisting with travel planning;
o Following up with client post-adoption;
o Prepare post-placement schedule letters to agency when client arrives home;
o Follow up via telephone with client upon return home to discuss transition, questions, concerns, etc.
6) Audit each client’s file, before dossier is sent, before travel, and once home, ensuring that all required paperwork is included.
7) Provide consultation and updates to families on specific country adoption requirements.
8) Disseminate new information about adoption process, changes in procedures or status of country programs.
9) Ensure that all post placement and post adoption reports are completed in a timely and accurate manner.

Secondary duties
1) Advocate and post available children on social media.
2) Help with administrative tasks including copying, data input, filing, etc.
3) Participate in advocacy efforts, events and adoption seminars and workshops.
4) Help plan special events such as trainings, fundraisers, reunions, etc.
5) Ensure adequate record keeping on all assigned cases.
6) Strict adherence to the Code of Ethics and Confidentiality.
7) Follow all policies, procedures, and philosophies of the agency. Follow agency regulations and guidelines when interacting with prospective adoptive families.
8) Serve as a back-up to any other employees.
9) Maintain a caring attitude toward others.
10) Be innovative and use creativity to find additional ways to help children and families.
11) Find creative ways to cut business costs.
12) Meet all licensing and Hague requirements for staff.
13) Complete a minimum of 30 hours of training each year.
14) Be flexible and open to change, assisting with other duties as needed.

Position requirements
1) Bachelor degree and minimum 2 years relevant adoption/social services work experience preferred (Serving children and families). Masters in Social Work or other Human Services field preferred.
2) Excellent written and oral communication skills.
3) Excellent reading comprehension skills.
4) Ability to work a flexible schedule that may include evenings & occasional weekends.
5) Strong interpersonal skills with emphasis on communication skills.
6) Be invested in our mission and have a solid desire to help children find homes, health and hope through the efforts of our agency.
7) Maintain a caring, positive attitude and be a team player!

Desirable Attributes for Incumbent
1) Detail oriented
2) Highly organized
3) Self-starting
4) Innovative
5) Articulate
6) High energy
7) Reliable
8) Resourceful

Contact Info

Misty Lucas

128 N. John Street Suite 2, Rochester, Illinois 62563


Additional Information

This is a part time position with the opportunity of growth as the program expands.