Youth Care Worker

Mercy Home for Boys and Girls

Location: 1140 West Jackson Boulevard Chicago IL 60607

End date: 2019-03-15


The MercyWorks program is a one year commitment to working with at-risk youth in Chicago. Throughout the year, MercyWorkers commit to growing in their understanding of social justice, spirituality, sustainability, community, and professionalism. You will have the opportunity to take part in weekly community nights and seasonal retreats. You will also be matched with a professional mentor that is dedicated to support you with next steps and future career goals. This is a great program that provides you with the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the children of Mercy Home. Benefits include housing, food, transportation, bi-weekly stipend, medical/dental insurance, an education award, and AmeriCorp Membership.

Youth Care Worker
A Youth Care Worker acts as an advocate, educator, coach and role model for the residents of Mercy Home for Boys and Girls. Youth Care Workers are responsible for the following: doing both one-on-one work with youth as well as some group work (i.e. facilitating milieu meetings); crisis stabilization; the implementation of each youth’s Individual Therapy Plan; insuring that the youth’s therapeutic, educational and employment plans are followed; timely and accurate communication within program, specifically with incident reports, contact with the youth’s families, supervision, and all log entries; and providing leadership for the youth in the provision of a healthy living environment.

AfterCare Care Manager
The AfterCare Care Manager supports former residents and their families to obtain identified goals throughout their life span. The Care Manager collaborates with Agency co-workers to ensure that each resident undergoes a successful transition out of Residential Programs. Through a Systemic Strengths Based Approach, the Care Manager partners with each member and/or their family to broker community and agency resources. He/she also guides youth and families through the process of goal creation and obtainment, building positive structured relationships, and providing opportunities for each member and their family to harness their own potential.

Admissions Case Manager
The Admissions Case Manager provides case management services during the admissions process. The Case Manager assures families, prospective residents, and referral resources of a timely and comprehensive assessment, a thorough explanation of Mercy Home’s programs and an intake decision. For youth that are not accepted into Mercy Home, the Case Manager provides comprehensive and useful referrals in their community for their family.

Academy Coordinator
The Academy Coordinator works closely with members of the School Resources department to provide supplemental educational programming and resources to youth, including: organizational tools, math & reading skill building, support to the evening tutoring program, and enrichment courses in the arts (such as yoga, music & theater). In addition, the Coordinator acts as an assessment tester and sets up learning lab schedules, keeps track of youth scores and incentive points, and regulates learning levels to accommodate individual skills. The Coordinator works directly with the youth and staff to implement these programs and serves on the West Loop or Walsh Campus.

Career Resource Coordinator
The Career Resources Coordinator works diligently to provide boys of all ages with the skills and opportunities needed to give them hope of promising and fulfilling careers. Career Resources implements a variety of programs that build the youth’s self-confidence through work experience. This is achieved through a thorough career assessment inventory, job skills training, financial literacy training, Mercy Home jobs, entry level jobs, full time employment, and professional internships. Career Resources partners with community businesses as well as the Mercy Home board to employ youth and monitor these relationships closely to ensure a positive work experience.

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Kevin Felisme

1140 West Jackson Boulevard Chicago IL 60607



Bi-Weekly Stipend

Additional Information

MercyWorks offers over several different placements into working directly with young people who have experienced trauma.