National Perinatal Depression Research Engagement Symposium Video

On May 3-4, 2019, the inaugural National Perinatal Depression Research Engagement Symposium took place at the I-Hotel and Conference Center in Champaign. Speakers discussed topics such as maternal stress, mindfulness interventions, health policy related to perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, and infant mental health.

Speakers from the U. of I. included Karen Tabb Dina, who researches perinatal depression and suicide; education policy professor Wenhao (David) Huang, whose research explores the use of technology in mental health interventions; and psychology professor Heidemarie Laurent, an expert on stress regulation and parental depression.

Other speakers included University of Iowa epidemiology professor Kelli Ryckman, whose most recent study examined opioid use among mothers with postpartum depression who delivered by cesarean section; and psychologist Ellen L. Poleshuck of the University of Rochester Medical Center, who researches integrated treatments for women who have depression and co-occurring problems such as pain, intimate partner violence and socioeconomic difficulties.

Members of the Iowa Perinatal Health Patient Advisory Board and the IDEA Coalition Patient Advisory Board also discussed their research. The Patient Advisory Board of the Identifying Depression through Early Assessment Women’s Health Coalition coordinated the events. The group and the IDEA coalition heighten awareness about perinatal depression and involve patients in research to improve services for women during the perinatal period.

The coalition is led by University of Illinois social work professor Karen M. Tabb Dina; education policy professor Wenhao (David) Huang; and Brandon Meline, the director of maternal and child health with the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District.