Parking for Visitors

Where to Have Visitors Park:

1. Hourly Parking is available on the street: use coins or the MobileMeter app.

2. School employees can request the use of a parking spot for visitors under the building using the SSW Scheduler. This is preferable if it is only needed for a few hours.

  • Login
  • Select the Calendar tab on the top left
  • Select Parking Spot
  • See if spot is available for your day and time
  • If no, see #3; If yes:
    1. Select the proper “Create a new request” option
    2. Select department
    3. Add event
    4. Select next
    5. Add number (1)
    6. Add computers (0)
    7. Select next
    8. Add date and time (should default to the Parking Spot calendar)
    9. Select next three times
    10. Select finish

3. If the above spot is unavailable, email for potential access to a second parking spot under the building.

4. For full-day events, contact to “bag” campus meters so coins are not necessary. The campus charge for this as of February 2019 is $20 per day.