2017 SSW Fall CEU Seminar


Friday, November 3rd, 2017
Check-in starts at 8:30


School of Social Work, 1010 W. Nevada St, Urbana
Room 2015

Parking information: Metered parking available


Session #1
The Role of Cultural Competence in Developing Human Capacity

Presenter: Dr. David Rosch– Associate Professor, Agricultural Leadership Education

The goals of this workshop are to help participants understand intercultural learning stages and recognize their own places within these stages regarding various cultural communities, recognize the structure of cultural competence and how such cultural competence affects one’s professional social intelligence, and create plans to apply aspects of cultural competence to their own professional practice.

Lunch break, 12-1pm

Session #2
Duty to Warn: Ethical and Legal Implications in Social Work

Presenter: Dr. Sandra Kopels– Professor, School of Social Work

The goals of this workshop are to help participants be aware of ethical and legal requirements on the duty to warn or protect, recognize the difference between mandatory and discretionary reporting and explore situations where clients engage in behavior that may place them at risk (sexual activity, drugs/alcohol, suicide, bullying, etc.).

Cost to Attend:

Option 1: All Day Seminar

  • Sessions 1 & 2 (6 CEU’s)– $80
  • Sessions 1& 2 (no CEU credit)– $60

Option 2: Individual Sessions

  • Session 1 only (3 CEU’s)–$40
  • Session 1 only (no CEU credit)–$30
  • Session 2 only (3 CEU’s)–$40
  • Session 2 only (no CEU credit)–$30

Lunch Option:

  • Lunch is available with any attendance option for an additional cost of $15


About the Speakers

Dave Rosch serves as an Assistant Professor in the Agricultural Education program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His particular areas of interest include college student leadership development and the effects of leadership programs and courses on development. Dave has spent much of his professional career helping to educate future leaders on the skills required for effectiveness in contemporary society.

He has worked at the University of Illinois since 2006, beginning at the Illinois Leadership Center and became faculty in the Agricultural Education program in 2011.  There, he currently teaches leadership theory and methods courses and conducts research in emerging adult leadership development.  He also has served in a variety of capacities in the International Leadership Association, the Association of Leadership Educators, as a Co-lead Facilitator for LeaderShape and co-chair of the National Leadership Symposium, and is currently the curriculum chair for the Leadership Education Academy.


Sandra Kopels

Sandra Kopels received her JD and MSW degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is a licensed attorney. She is currently a professor at the University of Illinois.

Prior to joining the U of I faculty, she was Director of the Legal Advocacy Service of the State of Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission. Her research and teaching focuses on legal and ethical issues as they affect social work clients and practitioners. She has lectured extensively on subjects related to the confidentiality and disclosure of client information. Presently, Professor Kopels serves as the Managing Editor of the School of Social Work Journal and a reviewer for numerous social work journals. Professor Kopels serves as a board member of the State of Illinois Child Welfare Employee Licensure Board and has been appointed as a Trustee for the National Association of Social Workers Legal Defense Fund. She has received repeated recognition from the University of Illinois for her excellent teaching.