Video Submissions for the 75th

If you are unable to attend the event in person, we’d love to feature a video clip with your sentiment that will be played at part of the programming.

This video cannot be longer than 2-3 minutes maximum and should include your name, former title and years served at the School of Social Work.

Video Tips:

Find a quiet, private, well-lit area, free from interruptions. Please speak slowly, clearly and loud enough for viewers to hear you easily. Please refrain from using any type of filters.

Additional tips:

Pick a distraction-free background

  • Avoid windows and walls full of pictures, posters, or knickknacks. Clear all clutter and eliminate anything that could draw the interviewer’s attention away from you. If you can’t find a good backdrop at your office or home, then just use a solid wall.

Make sure you’re in a well-lit room and you can be seen clearly

  • Pay attention to the lighting. It’s important to be able to see your face clearly, so try a test video beforehand to make sure lights aren’t casting any shadows on your face. If possible, aim to have one light coming from behind you, one light on your right, and one light on your left to create a glow around you.

Angle and eye contact are critical

  • Although it may not feel natural at first, you want to speak to the camera, not the phone or computer screen. Always position your camera at eye-level, not above or below you. If someone is holding a phone to video you, please make sure they stand as steady as possible. Make sure to frame from the chest up.

Any questions about video submissions can be sent to Becky Ponder at