The Student Experience

The Illinois Experience

The University of Illinois offers world-class academics (U.S. News & World Report rates it the 11th-best public university in the nation) in a thriving micro-urban setting.

The campus straddles the twin cities of Champaign and Urbana, which have a combined population of over 125,000 – big enough to offer diverse cultural and entertainment opportunities, yet small enough to maintain its small-town Midwestern charm.

But Urbana-Champaign sports much more than just charm. It’s a Top 10 Green City, and Newsweek named it one of the world’s Top 10 Hot New Tech Cities.

In the twin cities and on campus, you’ll find:

  • a variety of theaters, restaurants, and concert arenas
  • more than a dozen major museums and art galleries
  • more than 80 park and recreation facilities
  • lakes, pools, golf courses, malls, and quaint neighborhood shopping

You can get around town for free (with your University of Illinois ID) on an award-winning mass transit system. And if you want to get out and about, Chicago, St. Louis, and Indianapolis are all within a 3-hour drive.

But you don’t need to go elsewhere to experience a vibrant life. On campus, you’ll share our 1400 acres with about 44,000 other students who come from more than 100 countries and all 50 states. We have more than 1,600 registered student organizations – so if you’re interested in robotics, vegetarianism, gaming, or dance (or just about anything else), you’ll find a group of people to connect with.

The great thing about the University of Illinois is that despite its size, you can quickly feel at home, forging new friendships that can last a lifetime. And when you graduate, you will join one of the world’s biggest, most active, and most enthusiastic alumni associations.

Once you get settled in on campus, you’ll see where all the enthusiasm comes from.

The School of Social Work Student Experience

As a student in the School of Social Work, you experience all of the above – plus you get the opportunity to

  • be part of a small and close-knit community on campus
  • attend upper-level undergraduate and graduate classes that are capped at 25-30 students
  • know your fellow students, professors, and administrators on a first-name basis
  • hold student leadership positions and engage in research with our faculty
  • join our student organizations to enhance your student experience
  • attend brownbag luncheons, trainings, lectures, end-of-semester potlucks, and other events to help you get to know your fellow students

You’ll be changed by your student experience here. And, in turn, you’ll be prepared to change the lives of people in need once you attain your degree.