What is Social Work?

In three words, Social Work is:


Each day millions of people are helped by the 600,000+ social workers across the United States.


The help comes at critical times in peoples’ and families’ lives; they need the help of caring and savvy professional social workers.


Families are strengthened. Hope is restored. Justice is gained. Lives are constantly being changed for the better by social workers.

Social Work Happens Where It’s Needed

Social work takes place in various settings: adoption agencies, schools, military bases, prisons, hospitals, courts, clinics, senior centers. Just to name a few. Social work is done where the work is needed.

The Makeup of Social Workers

Social workers love helping people who feel they can’t be helped, who feel there is no solution to their problems. Social workers are problem-solvers and stress relievers. And they call on their clients’ strengths to help solve those problems, so that clients do not grow dependent on them.

Social workers are community organizers, advocates, social justice workers, political reformists. They look at problems and create a space that allows for change.

When it comes down to it, that’s what social workers truly are: change artists. They catalyze change in people’s lives. A change that ushers in restoration, wholeness, and hope.

BSW and MSW Programs Offer You Options

Our BSW program prepares you for generalist social work practice and for advanced standing in graduate social work education. Our MSW program prepares you for advanced social work practice and research in public and private agencies.

You Are Needed

Whatever area of social work you are drawn to, know this: You are needed. And we will prepare you to be a change agent in families’ lives.