BSW Awards

BSW School of Social Work Awards

There are four BSW student awards available for current BSW students. The recipients of each award will be determined by the Financial Awards Committee based on a review of applications submitted by students. The deadline for applying for each award is Friday, January 18, 2019 by 5:00 PM.  Following is a brief description of the awards, their requirements and amount, and the procedures for applying.

Make sure to double check that your application includes all the necessary components. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Students may apply for more than one award. 

BSW Award Description and Requirements

Esther and Marvin Steinberg Memorial AwardAwarded to either a BSW or MSW student who has had experience being homeless or has experience working with homelessness and hunger issues. Second preference given to a student who can demonstrate their plans to work with homeless populations after graduation. 1,000Application opens December 2019
Gary Shaffer BSW Memorial AwardAwarded to a BSW student committed to social work. Preference may be given to students with an interest in school social work or public child welfare.2,000Application opens December 2019
Jennifer Lynn Fry Memorial BSW Award
Awarded to a BSW student who has a demonstrated commitment in working with people who are survivors of sexual crimes by means of advocacy, leadership, experience, research, or career plans.500Application opens December 2019
John K. Gibson Award in Social Work
Awarded to a BSW student who has demonstrated commitment to any of the following: social justice, restorative justice, civil rights, and/or experience working with marginalized persons.
**this award requires a letter of support from a person familiar with your interests and experience including, but not limited to, faculty and staff of the School, and social work professionals
500Application opens December 2019
Mark P. Hale Award (nominated by faculty member)Awarded to an outstanding BSW student who demonstrates potential for making a significant contribution to the profession of social work.TBAApplication opens December 2019
Susan & Michael Haney Social Work Award
Awarded to a BSW student in their junior or senior year who meets the following criteria: academic achievement, financial need, volunteer service, leadership, work history, and passion for social justice. TBAApplication opens December 2019
Yvonne Gilmore Scholarship in Social WorkAwarded to a full-time undergraduate student with a minimum of a 2.5 GPA and must promote diversity within the unit. 5,000Application opens December 2019