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iMSW Hybrid Program

Our iMSW Program consists of a diverse, non-traditional group of individuals with varied experiences and professional backgrounds who wish to develop their skills and further their knowledge in social work. The program affords  students the opportunity to obtain their MSW degree part-time through online and hybrid (online/face-to-face) courses while maintaining employment.

The hybrid classes meet four Saturdays per semester on the Urbana, IL campus or at the Illini Center in Chicago, IL.

Advanced Clinical Concentration

The Advanced Clinical concentration has four focus areas from which to choose:

  1. Mental Health
  2. Schools
  3. Health Care
  4. Children, Youth and Family Services (CYFS)

The Advanced Clinical concentration prepares social work students to further their careers by developing  advanced skills  in direct practice.   These skills can lead to careers in counseling, community mental health agencies, advocacy programs, children and youth services, community action agencies, criminal justice organizations, developmental disability services, disability support agencies, domestic violence and sexual assault programs, elderly programs, higher education, hospitals and hospices, income assistance programs, international relief, public health agencies, schools, or substance abuse programs.

Advanced Standing Program

Students enter the iMSW program as an Advanced Standing student or as a traditional student.  Advanced Standing students have a bachelor of social work degree from a Council on Social Work Education accredited program within the past seven years.  Advanced Standing students complete a 44-56 credit hour program.

Traditional students are those with an undergraduate degree in any other discipline, their CSWE accredited bachelor of social work degree is more than seven years old, or their social work degree is from a non-accredited program.  Traditional students complete a 72 credit hour program.

Tuition for the iMSW program is per credit hour and the current 2020-2021 rate is 598.00 per credit hour.

Model Program: iMSW Advanced Clinical

First Summer & Fall Semesters for Traditional students only. Advanced Standing students transition in Spring.

*online course
** hybrid course with 4 face-to-face sessions in Urbana or Chicago on weekends

Semester 1: Summer SOCW 410* SOCW 451*
Semester 2: Fall SOCW 427* SOCW 400*
Semester 3: Spring SOCW 509** SOCW 552*
Semester 4: Summer SOCW 526* SOCW 502**
Semester 5: Fall SOCW 589* SOCW 542*
Semester 6: Spring SOCW 5--* SOCW 5--**
Semester 7: Summer Start 1-2 Semester Field Placement
Semester 8: Fall Start 1-2 Semester Field Placement

Model Program: iMSW Advanced Clinical

MSW Admissions

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