Adjunct Resources

Who to Ask

Instructor Resource for Disability Resources and Educational Services

Instructor’s should turn in student accommodation requests to the Assistant Dean once they have reviewed and made notes regarding the request.  The Assistant Dean is responsible for confidentially storing this form.

Library Resources for Instructors

Compass 2g Resources for Instructors

Posting Final Grades

Correcting Grade after Deadline

University of Illinois Resources Page

On this page you will find the UI Intergrate/Banner link – This is where you login to the registration system to retrieve your official class roster.  You should take attendance for at least the first couple of classes to ensure your students are enrolled correctly.  If you find any errors please report them to the Admissions and Records Supervisor immediately.  The Admissions and Records Supervisor can assist you with training regarding the UI Intergrate/Banner system.  Please stop by suite 2000 for assistance.