Alumni-Student Mentoring Survey

School of Social Work Alumni Mentoring Survey

The School of Social Work at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is pleased to invite you to participate in our newly developed alumni-student mentoring program. The program was developed in response to alumni and student feedback in favor of more engagement and professional opportunities. With a national network of over 8,000 alumni, School of Social Work alumni represent a wealth of professional experience across the public, nonprofit and private sectors. Our current students will be lucky to have you as a mentor.
Depending on your current professional capacity, you will be paired with a current BSW, MSW or PhD student to provide professional guidance during undergraduate and graduate school and help them prepare for their future career. We are looking for alumni willing to donate a small amount of their time to provide real world advice and networking support for the youngest members of our profession.
Please use the following button to take a two-minute survey to let us know if you are willing to assist with the mentoring program. The survey will also assist us in matching student interests with your expertise. Once matches are made, we will email you and introduce you to your student mentee.

For questions, please email Amy Frederick at

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