BSW Students’ Abstracts Accepted for Research Symposium

Each year the University of Illinois gives undergraduate students the opportunity to present the fruits of their research, scholarly, and other creative endeavors. The Annual Campus Undergraduate Research Symposium showcases their work with opportunities for these students to share with others across campus. The symposium reflects the wide range of academic disciplines at the University and speaks to the caliber of the undergraduate students. Sharing their work also demonstrates the ongoing commitment of the faculty to support and expand undergraduate research opportunities.

Nine BSW students from the School of Social Work had abstracts accepted for this year’s symposium. Below is a list of the students, their abstract titles, and the faculty member(s) who partnered with them.


StudentFaculty Member(s)Abstract
Noelle Bruce, Heather SearsKaren Tabb Dina"Postpartum Depressive Symptoms in Women Participating in a WIC Program"
Beatrice ChenKaren Tabb Dina"Sacrificial Love of Military Mom"
Amanda HwuJanet Liechty, Megan Paceley"How Do Nonmetropolitan LGBT Youth Get Support?: Triangulating Findings from a Mixed Method Study"
Ga-Young JinKaren Tabb Dina"Medicare Prescription Drug Plans after Affordable Care Act (ACA): A Policy Analysis"
Heather SearsKaren Tabb Dina"Presenting a policy analysis, looking at the barriers in education for migrant farmers and their children in Illinois"
Elizabeth Badskey, Xavier Ramirez, Hattie LeNoir-PriceJanet Liechty, Jaclyn Saltzman"Feasibility and cultural acceptability of a health curriculum for at-risk girls in an alternative school setting"


The 7th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium will take place from April 14-18th, with the main symposium on April 17th from 9:00 am Р4:30 pm at the Illini Union. For more information, click HERE.