Doug Smith Named Director of Center for Prevention Research and Development (CPRD)

The School of Social Work is pleased to announce Douglas Smith as the new director of CPRD.

Dr. Smith is a faculty member with a strong research portfolio and ample experience in grant development, research project management, publishing, and student research mentoring.

In this new leadership role, Doug will lead strategic thinking about overall direction of the Center, interact closely with and build new networks of external stakeholders, and provide increasing linkages with faculty and students in the School of Social Work. “I’m excited about the possibilities of continuing to grow the Center, and also increasing collaborative research efforts between the Center and our faculty members and students. CPRD is truly an amazing operation, with a nearly three million dollar operating budget to do highly impactful applied research that is used by numerous national, state, and local stakeholders,” Smith said.

His role will be complemented by day-to-day operational leadership of CPRD’s diverse grant operations by Nancy Flowers, Associate Director. Nancy brings a deep understanding of the Center’s history, operations, and strengths.

CPRD works in the areas of statewide and community prevention systems, school reform and educational improvement, child and family programs, and juvenile justice systems. Since its inception in 1989, CPRD seeks to support public policy by improving state and community capacity for prevention, by improving prevention and educational practices through research and evaluation and improving policies and decision making. The Center has a special emphasis on research, evaluation, and the development of data systems for self-study and program improvement. The Center officially joined the School of Social Work in January 2016.