Davis Selected for SSWR Doctoral Fellow Award

Illinois Social Work doctoral student, Jordan Davis has been chosen as 2017 recipient of the SSWR Doctoral Fellow Award. The award was presented to him at the SSWR Conference Awards Presentation on January 14th in New Orleans.

Jordan Davis is a 5th year doctoral candidate in the School of Social Work. Jordan received his bachelors of science degree in 2007 from Auburn University in Biology and his master’s degree in 2009 from Syracuse University. He has received the Ernie Gullerud Dissertation award and has been names a Fahs-Beck Scholar. Jordan has recently received a $100,000 National Institute of Health (National Institute of Drug Abuse) R36 Dissertation grant to investigate the effectiveness of mindfulness based relapse prevention among marginalized young adults. He has also chaired a featured symposium at the Research Society on Alcoholism Conference. Jordan’s primary line of research is dedicated to understanding the mechanisms of change for substance use disorder treatments for under privileged adolescents and young adults. Specifically, he is interested in how victimization and early childhood adversity effect treatment outcomes as well as physiology (e.g. stress and inflammation markers). Jordan has a second line of research on developmental trajectories from adolescence through emerging adulthood – investigating the mechanisms that lead to initiation and escalation of use. This research line includes focusing on behavioral trait and state-like constructs as well as non-behavioral aspects of development.

Jordan can be reached at (217) 305-3096, 
or via email: jdavis37@illinois.edu