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Gaurav Sinha

PhD Student, Adjunct Instructor

headshot of Gaurav Sinha


School of Social Work
1010 W. Nevada St.
Urbana, IL 61801
Office 2054


SOCW521: Leadership & Social Change


Gaurav earned his MSW from the Delhi School of Social Work, University of Delhi, India and has more than 12 years of direct practice experience of facilitating behavioral and systematic changes that help improving the economic lives of the poor and vulnerable populations.


Broadly, Gaurav’s research agenda involves developing a comprehensive understanding of household and behavioral finances and their relationship to youth’s mental health. He prefers rigorous and in-depth discussions of methodological approaches in studies that can help in research reproducibility. He puts considerable faith in students’ capacities and feel that their development as successful individuals is the energy that drives his commitment to social work profession. He is passionate about learning as a process which leads him to invest time and energy to make it better every time he teaches.

Visit the following link for additional information about his research and teaching:

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