Dr. Lough Facilitates Global Workshop on Volunteering for Sustainable Development

On July 6-7, 2015, Assistant Professor Benjamin Lough organized and facilitated a workshop, together with Cliff Allum of Skillshare International, at the United Nations Complex in Bonn, Germany with the purpose of developing a strategic research agenda to communicate research priorities for ‘volunteering for peace and sustainable development’ over the next ten years.

Over the course of two days, participants identified areas for future research including:

  • Volunteering and development
  • Diversified forms of volunteering (i.e. corporate, online, e-volunteering, mobile-volunteering, and faith-based volunteering)
  • Mainstreaming gender in volunteering research
  • Volunteering as an important contribution to youth employment
  • Volunteering during forced migration
  • Volunteering in the context of global climate change

The final outcome document from this workshop will be used to make the case for research to be included in UN member states’ plans of action and to proposition governments to create wider spaces and enabling environments for volunteering to thrive. It will also be used as a roadmap to develop collaborative proposals in support of research on volunteering for sustainable development.