Carol Mauck

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Educational Background

Carol Mauck received her Associate of Arts Degree, majoring in theatre, from Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri. She transferred to the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and continued her education at the University as a Master student in the College of Social Work. Immediately after graduating, she began her career with the State of Illinois, Department of Children and Family Services, working specifically with foster care placements coupled with training and child protective services. After nearly seven years at DCSF, she demonstrated her entrepreneurial skills by establishing a consulting business in Social Work, Activities, and Psychosocial Consulting Services focusing on long term care facilities throughout Illinois.  As the founder and president of this business, she employed other social workers in providing consulting services to older adults residing in Illinois facilities. During this time, she taught continuing education seminars at healthcare conferences and conventions regarding the needs of aging adults and participated on State appointed program committees for older adults in residential care. Her passions of caring for older adults culminated in the founding of a successful adult day center where she served as president and owner for seventeen years.

During this time, she expanded her teaching career to adjunct lecturing at the University of Illinois School of Social Work. Recently, she sold her adult day center business and now teaches full-time at the School of Social Work.

Research and Practice Interests

Carol Mauck’s previous study, “Krannert Art Museum Social Engagement Program: Art Stimulation for People Living with Dementia”, is in the finale data analysis. This qualitative study focuses on the use of various art mediums to socially engage individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and other related dementias. Art is taken to residents in a dementia specific facility to engage them both individually and as a group. The data collected measures individual responses to all forms of art, mood before and after viewing the art, and social engagement with the art. Carol is interested in exploring new interventions and care models to meet the demands of the rapidly growing dementia population. Therefore, her current research design is “Use of Robotic Therapalz Companion Animals as a Behavior Redirection for Persons with Dementia”. With a growing interest in technology of care and treatment interventions for older adults, this supports the current research emphasis in aging. The pilot study data has been collected in Canada and in the initial data analysis stage.

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