Ryan Wade

Office: 2111

(217) 300-4682


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Educational Background and Practice Experience

Ryan Wade earned his PhD in Health Behavior and Health Education from the University of Michigan School of Public Health in 2018, and was a Center for Research on Ethnicity, Culture, and Health (CRECH) Scholar. He earned his MSW in Interpersonal Practice and Mental Health from the University of Michigan School of Social Work in 2013, and his BA in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2010. Dr. Wade has worked as a clinical intern in higher education and as a licensed clinical practitioner in private practice. Dr. Wade was also a certified HIV test counselor in the state of Michigan for four years.

Research and Practice Interests

Professor Wade’s work includes a broad focus on social determinants of health, structural and community-level racism, the racial patterning of sexual/social networks within LGBTQ communities, and health disparities among gay/bisexual men. He is particularly interested in identifying social and structural factors that contribute to poor mental and sexual health outcomes among young gay/bisexual men of color. Professor Wade grounds much of his research in minority stress theory, intersectionality, and ecological systems theory.

Current Research

Professor Wade is currently investigating a phenomenon known as Racialized Sexual Discrimination (RSD), as experienced by gay/bisexual men of color on mobile apps and websites used for dating and sexual networking. He is using mixed methods to develop, validate, and refine a multidimensional scale of RSD. He is also using quantitative methods to examine the association between RSD sub-scales and indicators of psychological wellbeing.

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