Fund for Field Campaign

Investing in Illinois

Each year, our Masters of Social Work (MSW) students provide well over 100,000 hours of service to agencies throughout Illinois and beyond during their field placements. Our partner agencies receive over $2,000,000 of in-kind services annually through direct client services, administrative assistance, and policy and planning activities by social work students. Additionally, our undergraduate (BSW) students contribute another 25,000 hours of service in the field, providing services valued between $250,000 and $500,000 to agencies in the Champaign-Urbana community.

Supporting Emerging Leadership

Students work 32 hours per week in their placements, often eliminating the opportunity to hold paid employment. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer placements offer financial support for students during their internship. In fact, about 80% of our students receive no financial support from their internship agency.  Each year as agencies and school districts continue to face budget reductions and program cuts, our students are finding themselves in unpaid internships more frequently.
To support students and the agencies and clients they serve during this critical phase of their education, we have launched the “Fund for Field” initiative. The fund creates opportunities for agency partners and individual investments to provide all students with a partial or full scholarship during their internship.
We invite you, our alumni and friends, to invest in the future of social services in Illinois. Not only will your contribution have a direct impact on a student’s financial well-being, it will also benefit the communities throughout Illinois supported by our students’ work.

Charter Supporters

Alumni and friends who commit to a special 3-year pledge for a total of at least $1,000 will become a charter member of our Fund for Field. All charter members will be publicly recognized in a new installation at the School of Social Work.  Individuals wishing to make pledges of greater amounts have an opportunity to become a charter member with special designations.

Levels of individual contributions:

  • $1,000:  Sustainer
  • $2,500: Partner
  • $5,000: Leader
  • $10,000: Investor

Family, community, and corporate foundations who commit to a special 3-year pledge for a total of at least $10,000 will also have a unique opportunity to participate in three distinctive ways as charter members. These special contributors will be honored with an installation at the School of Social Work.

Levels of foundation contributions:

  • $10,000: Foundation Sustainer
  • $25,000: Foundation Partner
  • $50,000: Foundation Leader
  • $100,000: Foundation Investor

Make a Gift

Checks should be made payable to University of Illinois.

Please mail your gift to:
Office of Advancement
University of Illinois School of Social Work
1010 West Nevada Street
Urbana, IL 61801