Garthe Named Recipient of Campus Research Board Grant

Assistant professor Rachel Garthe has been named the recipient of a Campus Research Board grant from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research for her project: Perceptions of School Climate in Relation to Youth Violence, Mental Health, and Academic Outcomes among Middle School Students.

“Schools are one of the major socializing institutions for youth in the United States, providing opportunities for academic, emotional, and social development. Unfortunately, schools can also be a context where some students face a negative school climate – feeling unsafe, experiencing unfair and inconsistent discipline, or experiencing negative student and teacher relationships,” Garthe says. “This coalescence of negative school climate factors can increase the risk for an array of negative mental health, behavioral, and academic outcomes for middle school students.”

“This project examines the dimensions and combinations of school climate variables in relation to mental health outcomes, peer and dating violence victimization, and academic difficulties among students at a local middle school. The project will include longitudinal data collection from middle school students, as well as from parents and teachers. The information obtained in this study will address existing limitations in the empirical literature, while also providing a framework for how youth violence prevention programs can better incorporate the voices of students, parents, and teachers. Additionally, these data will be used to provide insight into how to best serve and support this school community.”

The Campus Research Board has played a vital role in fostering the University of Illinois’ excellence in research, scholarship, and creative activities. Launched in 1932, the CRB remains a model for how to administer institutional funds to promote fundamental research, thanks to the support of many generous donors and careful stewardship, oversight, and periodic review. The Research Board has enabled thousands of Illinois faculty members to pursue discovery-driven research, work that ultimately helps to ensure a better and more prosperous future for our nation and the world.