Illinois Juvenile Detention Data Report For 2015 Released

The Center for Prevention Research and Development (CPRD) in the School of Social Work at the University of Illinois recently completed the Illinois Juvenile Detention Data Report for 2015.   The purpose of the report is to provide key stakeholders, including IL Supreme Court Justices and Judiciary, County Boards, State’s Attorneys, Juvenile Detention Superintendents, Juvenile Justice Councils, Advocacy Groups and citizens basic information and trends regarding the confinement and secure detention for juveniles primarily ages 10-17.  Overall, the 2015 data show a continued downward trend in detention admissions (8% decrease from CY2014) and maintaining the same average length of stay (18 days) as in CY2014.  This wealth of data are made available to local stakeholders so they can review data and time trends for their communities, and then use the information to start local conversations about how detention is used. It can also assist communities to better guide local programming and initiatives and assist them in moving forward for a more detailed examination of the community, school, family and individual factors that may cause or contribute to juvenile detention; and to dialogue and take action to reduce detention’s pernicious impact on youth.   Please contact Susan Witkin at CPRD for questions or additional information (217) 333-3231.

Illinois Juvenile Detention Data Report for 2015