Jill Kagle Establishes Technology and Social Change Fund

A $21,000 gift from former Dean Jill Kagle and her husband Steven Kagle has established the new Technology and Social Change Fund. This fund will stimulate interdisciplinary research, education and public discourse related to the use of technology to improve social work practice and social service delivery to vulnerable families and communities.

As part of With Illinois – The University’s Capital Campaign — the School of Social Work has identified the need to improve education and social services through technology as a top priority. New technologies are transforming how we serve vulnerable populations, and they offer great potential for innovative interventions, educational delivery, and social work management practices. This gift will allow the school to support and foster work among faculty members and students. It may be used to support interdisciplinary projects that involve development and testing of new technology applications, providing financial support to faculty members and students to provide leadership related to the intersection of technology and social work, and developing curriculum enhancements.

“We are very grateful to Jill and Steven Kagle for this gift,” says current Dean Steve Anderson. “Our faculty is becoming more and more engaged in exploring how technology can help improve services to vulnerable populations, and there is increasing hunger among our students to learn about technology and its applications. With Illinois’ great strengths in information and computer science, engineering, applied health, and the new Carle College of Medicine, there is nowhere better to work on innovative technology use. One of the twelve grand challenges of social work is to harness technology for the social good, and we at the School are excited to contribute to this goal. The gift from Jill and Steve will help provide and important boost for this work.”

Dr. Kagle served as Dean of the School of Social Work from 1994-2001. Her work and vision for the future of the school are very much visible today. Thanks to her dedication to alumni relations and the power of fundraising, Dr. Kagle established the very first development office within the School of Social Work. Her vision for a strong development program is evident today through the many gifts she helped to secure on behalf of the school. Under Dr. Kagle’s leadership, the Children and Family Research Center was established in 1996 to promote university-agency partnerships to improve public child welfare systems. The CFRC continues to be a lead partner in supporting the Illinois child welfare system.  These are just a few, among many, of the timeless contributions she made to the school during her tenure as dean. Dr. Kagle is a true leader in the field of social work, and we are grateful for her continued impact on the School of Social Work.