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Licensed Social Worker- Palliative Care

Memorial Health System (Decatur Memorial Hospital)

Job description

As a member of the multidisciplinary team, the Palliative Care Social Worker (PCSW) assesses the psychosocial needs of the palliative care patient and provides clinical support to help meet patient/family social, emotional, and financial needs related to the impact of serious illness. Fosters trusting and supportive relationships with patients and their families, working alongside medical providers in a collaborative team by maintaining rapport and open lines of communications with patient to ensure their needs are met and continuity of care is maintained. Evaluates and assesses patient needs for discharge planning assistance, planning and coordination of patient programs, and acting as a liaison between the patient, hospital, physician and community in the post-acute care with appropriate linkage of community services/resources. Demonstrates behavior, autonomy and decision making consistent with the values and ethical guidelines of the hospital as well as the professional code of ethics.

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