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School Social Work Intern

Mid-State Special Education


Bond (Greenville), Brownstown, Carlinville, Edinburg, Hillsboro, Litchfield, Morrisonville, Mulberry Grove, Panhandle, Ramsey, South Fork, St. Elmo, Vandalia

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Job description

Job Summary:
The Social Work Intern will assist existing school social workers in the Mid-State Special
Education Cooperative with caseload management tasks including direct therapy, facilitating
groups, completing assessments and participating in the IEP process, supporting instruction
within the classroom, developing FBAs and BIPs, and assisting in the enhancement of school
climate. Additional duties may be assigned in accordance with provisions of the Joint
Agreement’s policies and requirements. Supervision and mentoring will be provided by
highly experienced SSW’s and/or LCSW’s who stand ready to support and share their
expertise with individuals new to the profession.
Terms of Employment: This is a paid internship with benefits during the 2023-2024 school
year with a continued employment opportunity.

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