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School Social Worker or School Counselor 2023-2024

Mid-State Special Education


Bond (Greenville), Brownstown, Carlinville, Edinburg, Hillsboro, Litchfield, Morrisonville, Mulberry Grove, Panhandle, Ramsey, South Fork, St. Elmo, Vandalia

End Date


Job description

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS – May include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Demonstrates knowledge of content and application in the practice of school social work services including
assessment, crises intervention, home visits, therapeutic practice, and conflict resolution;
2. Establishes measurable goals that are appropriate for the setting and student being served;
3. Demonstrates knowledge of district, state, and federal regulations and guidelines;
4. Demonstrates knowledge of resources within the school and in the community for parents, students, and staff;
5. Plans and designs individualized social work services and coherent interventions based on relevant data and
clinical rationale that sufficiently addresses students’ needs and goals;
6. Creates a positive environment of respect and rapport with students; advocates for appropriate services;
7. Establishes a culture for learning with appropriate expectations for and active engagement of students;
8. Utilizes organizational and time management skills; communicates clear procedures for referrals, meetings and
consultation with stakeholders;
9. Manages and responds to student behavior using standards of conduct that are respectful, consistently
communicated, and enforced;
10. Effectively assesses student needs to develop data driven interventions and programming;
11. Assists teachers in completing FBAs and in the development of personal/social and behavior plans for students
using interventions that align with educational goals;
12. Engages students in social work services using materials, interventions, and groupings that are appropriate;
13. Collects information from a variety of sources and prepares reports with accuracy and clarity;
14. Demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness during therapy sessions, when revising plans, and when scheduling;
15. Reflects on the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions making adjustments to improve student performance;
16. Maintains accurate, timely and complete records related to students and Medicaid services; collects data for IEP
and FBA/BIP development and progress updates;
17. Effectively collaborates with team members including family regarding data, resources, assessments and
programming while taking an active role in problem solving;
18. Participates in the professional community and multi-disciplinary team developing positive relationships with
students and colleagues and actively contributes to the district and cooperative;
19. Seeks targeted professional development, develops goals or professional growth plan, shares and is responsive
to feedback;
20. Displays professionalism, honesty, integrity, ethical practice and confidentiality; implements IEP services and
requirements within legally mandated timelines; complies with the provisions of the IDEA; follows designated
schedule, attendance policy and is punctual;
21. May be required to perform other tasks as assigned.
Employees in this position must be able to (a) sit for extended periods of time, (b) type/enter data into computer, (c)
stand, walk, bend over, reach, push/pull up to 10 lbs., and lift/carry up to 25 lbs.
Maintains a high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality of information about students;
Communicates effectively with staff, parents and students;
Displays fairness, patience, self-control, and impartiality for all students and staff;
Demonstrates the ability to work effectively with others;
Engages in professional development activities;
Performs and completes duties within legally mandated timelines;
Adheres to designated work schedule;
Attends CPI trainings to maintain a valid certification;
Follows policies and procedures of Mid-State Special Education cooperative and the district(s)/ building(s) to which
Adheres to established rules, regulations, laws, and appropriate ethical standards.
The normal work hours for this position are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The schedule is subject to change.

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