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Seasonal farmhand

Sola Gratia Farm


Urbana, Illinois

End Date


Job description

We seek full-time and part-time Farmhands for our 16-acre not-for-profit community vegetable farm. Farm hands will participate in all aspects of production. This includes greenhouse seeding, field planting, hand and mechanical weeding, harvesting, field maintenance, wash/pack, and distribution to the community. Experience in working on a CSA farm or vegetable farm that follows organic practices in the Midwest is valued but not necessary.  What’s more important is that you are honest, communicative, and have a good attitude and strong work-ethic. You will be a representative of Sola Gratia Farm, so maintaining a positive and professional demeanor even in difficult situations is essential. You must be able to take direction, pay attention to detail, and work with a sense of urgency when the pressure is on. It is also important to be in good physical condition; you must be able to lift 40lbs repeatedly and be prepared to work outside for hours at a time, sometimes in extreme conditions, doing physically demanding work.

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