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Telehealth Psychotherapist

Head First Health, LLC

Job description

You deserve an excellent work environment. One where you get to work from home, choose your own hours, have independence, and know that you are supported by your team.

At Head First Health, we take care of our therapists, because we know just how important your work is.

Here, “We Dive In.” We believe in a holistic way of healing. We know that making changes to our lifestyle has profound effects on the way we feel. We honor the brain-body connection by exploring ways to heal our body, in order to feel more peace in our mind.

We specialize in evidence based, short term therapies to help our clients challenge their limiting beliefs, retrain their thought patterns, and become more curious and accepting of their emotions.

We use a combination of western psychology, values-based techniques, mindfulness, and lifestyle changes, to help our clients gain clarity, set intentions, and accomplish their goals.

Head First Health, is a virtual coaching + counseling practice for Millennial Women looking to navigate their relationships, life transitions & daily stressors. Our clients are yearning for a deeper connection to themselves, and to find a greater purpose in their lives.

We are looking for phenomenal clinician (that’s you!) Who align with our values, connect to our mission, and believe in our vision.

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