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Trauma Therapist

Steadfast Center LLC


Champaign, IL

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Job description

Steadfast Center LLC is East Central Illinois’s premier trauma-informed practice for healing
emotional, physical, sexual, and other abuse. We are a group private practice with five full-time
therapists, and we have a need for an additional full-time (15-20 sessions/week) trauma
therapist to meet the growing demand for our specialized services in the Champaign-Urbana
The ideal candidate will be a therapist who is highly experienced in and/or wishes to specialize
in working with survivors of relational trauma, who values clinical excellence and continuous
learning, and who contributes to and complements the diversity of our staff, both personally and
Our therapists offer a depth of approach that focuses on both current symptoms and the deeper
goal of facilitating lasting change for our clients. Relational and attachment-focused therapy,
with a belief that trauma that happens in relationships can be healed in the therapy relationship,
is the theoretical foundation of our practice. However, we welcome therapists with
complementary skills and experience in other trauma-informed orientations such as IFS, DBT,
ACT, psychodynamic, sensorimotor, polyvagal, EMDR, and experiential therapies.
We are looking for someone who values and embodies the qualities that have made our team
successful: insightfulness, curiosity, openness, integrity, accountability, courage, authenticity,
and kindness. Therapists at Steadfast Center are W-2 employees of the practice, yet have a
balance of both autonomy and community in our mutually supportive and collaborative group.
Minimum qualifications
• Master’s degree or higher in Psychology, Counseling, Social Work, or Marriage and Family
• Clinical license for practice in the State of Illinois
• Clinical experience and/or interest in specializing in the treatment of Relational Trauma
(physical, emotional, sexual, mental, and spiritual abuse and neglect), Complex Trauma,
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and/or Dissociation and Dissociative Disorders
• Experience in and/or willingness to work congruently from a trauma-informed perspective,
clinically with clients, organizationally as a member of our Steadfast Center team, and
personally in modeling a healthy relationship with yourself through a commitment to selfcare,
work-life balance, and personal growth.
Preferred qualifications
• Full licensure for practice in the State of Illinois (LCPC, LCSW, LMFT, Clinical
• Minimum 2+ years specialized clinical experience working with survivors of relational
trauma, PTSD, and dissociation
• Minimum 2+ years experience practicing from a foundation of relational and attachmentfocused
• Experience facilitating groups and/or workshops and training
Highly preferred
• Experience working with diverse and marginalized populations, both clinically and with
regard to ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation
• Experience with specialized individual and/or group therapy for male survivors
• Experience working with generational and racialized trauma
Elements of outstanding performance in the Trauma Therapist role include:
● Ability to form secure attachments and facilitate empathic, productive, and consistent client
relationships, facilitating healing and lasting change for people struggling with the impacts
of emotional, physical, or sexual trauma
● Maintaining a consistent caseload of 15-20 billable hours per week, comprised of
individual, couples, and/or group leadership
● Conscientiously conducting thorough assessment and clinical conceptualization, writing
timely clinical case notes, and demonstrating stewardship of billing and record-keeping
functions using online electronic health record (EHR) software
● Engaged and collaborative participation in weekly clinical case consultation meetings,
openness and curiosity in regular mentorship meetings, and thoughtful contribution to the
administrative functions and program development of the practice
● Participation in ongoing professional development, expansion of skills, and commitment to
clinical excellence that is both individualized and diverse
● Demonstrated commitment to self-care and awareness of the impact of vicarious trauma,
including the ability and vulnerability to ask for support and consultation as needed
Compensation and Benefits
● Therapists are W-2 employees paid hourly, with compensation for billable clinical time and
related administrative work, as well as time spent in meetings and other practice-related
● Health insurance benefits (choice of Gold or Platinum BCBS plan) with generous employerpaid
portion of the premium
● 100% employer paid long-term (LTD) and short term disability (STD) insurance, and
$50,000 life insurance
● Annual professional development stipend to cover the costs of training and travel for
workshops, conferences, memberships, licensure, and other professional fees
● 20 days of paid time off (PTO) annually, paid at the equivalent of two (2) clinical hours/day
● Case consultation and clinical support, including 1-2 hours/week of group and individual
● Paid advertising/marketing support as needed to build and maintain caseload, including
Psychology Today profile, business cards, and other program and promotional materials
● Paid professional/malpractice and general liability insurance
● Dedicated therapy office, centrally located in Champaign
Additional Information
Steadfast Center LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All applicants will be considered for
employment without discrimination as to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender
identity, national origin, or veteran and disability status. We especially encourage applications
from people of color, and/or LGBTQ communities, and/or people with disabilities.
To apply and/or to ask questions regarding this position, please email us at
Please include your resume and a cover letter answering these questions:
1) What attracts you to working at Steadfast Center/what you see is a great fit for you
2) Your greatest strengths as a therapist and/or what you would say about who you are or what
you do that affects the most positive change in your clients
3) What kind of clients you would say are the most ideal fit for you and/or your areas of
interest/specialized knowledge

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