School of Social Work: Dean’s Prize for Innovation and Collaboration


This prize recognizes team initiatives by faculty and/or staff in innovative projects that have the potential to improve outcomes in the School and provide significant, sustainable impact. It acknowledges successful projects in three areas of improvement: systems, processes, and programs; service delivery; or technology. The goal is to reward collaboration around new ideas and to recognize those who have explored solutions beyond traditional administrative boundaries and/or implemented ground-breaking methods which improve the spirit of innovation and cooperation across the School. The prize consists of a $1,000 split as the awardees determine and a personalized framed certificate. The award will be processed by payroll, and will be adjusted up to account for estimated taxes.


  • All employees of the School of Social Work (SSW) are eligible, regardless of their title, role, percentage, or duration of appointment.
  • No identical team may have won the award in the previous 5 years.

Evaluation Criteria

Nominees will have developed or implemented new initiatives, or made unique adaptations to existing programs, processes, services or technology. The nomination should demonstrate the impact of the effort on the School of Social Work, such as:

  • The service, program, process and/or technology effected
  • The impact on the functioning of the SSW as a whole
  • The current and future benefit to those impacted
  • Any improved to the stewardship of School resources

Nomination Process

A nomination may be submitted by any member of the School of Social Work community. Nomination packets must include the following and should be formatted in 12-point Times New Roman or equivalent font; single-spaced; and with 1-inch margins. You will submit this information, along with a cover page, online at the link below (under “Submission”).

  • A nomination letter addressing the Evaluation Criteria described above (not to exceed 3 pages).
  • One letter of support from any School of Social Work employee or student familiar with the nominated project (not to exceed 2 pages).
  • A project narrative, provided by the nominated team, no longer than 2 pages, which includes:
    • Project Description
    • How the problem to be solved was identified and how the creative solution was selected
    • How the project benefits those impacted, school resources, etc.


Complete nomination packets should be uploaded online HERE by midnight, May 30, 2020. Nominations will be reviewed by the School of Social Work Awards Committee, with final determination made by the Dean. Awards will be presented at the beginning of the academic year in August during the faculty retreat.

For questions, please contact: