School of Social Work: Excellence in Mentoring and/or Advising


The nomination should address sustained excellence and innovation in mentoring practices, and/or advising. These efforts may be related to guiding student research and/or facilitating or enhancing the professional development of students. The prize consists of a $500 award and a personalized framed certificate. The award will be processed by payroll, and will be adjusted up to account for estimated taxes.


  • Faculty (including tenure-system, specialized, and field faculty), academic professionals, Civil Service staff and doctoral candidates all within the School of Social Work (SSW) may be nominated.
  • The nominee should have a minimum of three years at the SSW serving in a mentoring and/or advising capacity, either formally or informally, prior to the nomination deadline.
  • The nominee has not won this award in the previous 5 years.

Evaluation Criteria

Evidence of sustained excellence and innovation in mentoring and/or advising practices, including but not limited to:

  • Engaging with and guiding students in research projects: e. guiding independent scholarly research; sustained involvement in research projects; positive impact on student scholarship; facilitating student scholarship, and/or dissemination of research via conferences and/or publications).
  • Having a positive impact on students’ intellectual and/or professional development: i.e. contributions to professional learning beyond classroom instruction
  • Fostering innovative approaches to mentoring and/or advising practices: i.e. major impact on students; fostering student professional development (as scholars, researchers, practitioners, and/or leaders) through sustained academic/professional advising relationships, via formal or informal mechanism, supervisory, or clinical capacities.
  • Other contributions to innovative mentoring practices, guiding research, or approaches to advisement, professional development, career or educational training and workshops

Nomination Process

A nomination may be submitted by any member of the School of Social Work community. Nomination packets must include the following and should be formatted in 12 point Times New Roman or equivalent font; single-spaced; and with 1 inch margins. You will submit this information, along with a cover page, online at the link below (under “Submission”).

  • A nomination letter addressing why the nominee is exceptional as an excellent mentor and/or advisor (not to exceed 3 pages).
  • A philosophy statement provided by the nominee. This statement should include a discussion of the challenges, methods, and goals of quality student mentoring or advising (not to exceed 2 pages).
  • Name and contact information for at least two students willing to support this nomination.*

*NOTE: Letters from students will be solicited by the School of Social Work selection committee, not the nominee.


Complete nomination packets are uploaded online HERE by midnight, May 30, 2020. Nominations will be reviewed by the School of Social Work Awards Committee, with final determination made by the Dean. Awards will be presented at the beginning of the academic year in August during the faculty retreat.

For questions, please contact: