The Illinois Reentry Guide Initiative is seeking ILLINOIS Social Work alumni to join team

Calling all social workers who work in/with the criminal justice system

The IRGI was created just over a year ago, at the behest of Education Justice Project (EJP) alumni. They explained that many returning citizens reenter society after incarceration without adequate information on how to obtain vital documents, as well as their housing, employment, and higher education options. This undoubtedly has a negative effect on the lives of these individuals, as well as on our state as a whole (whose recidivism rate is over 50%). The IRGI is currently working to put the 2015-2016 Illinois Reentry Guide in the hands of returning citizens and their family members, free of charge, so that they can be prepared for the difficult transition from prison to home.

Affiliated with the University of Illinois, this initiative meets regularly to strategize distribution, develop reentry workshops, and to collect feedback in order to improve the guide for the coming year. The group is small, but committed, and is looking for volunteers to join us in this effort, especially to aid in distributing the guide to organizations already engaged in providing support to returning citizens. If you would like to contact the group, please email Nick Hopkins at