Upcoming CEU Events at the School of Social Work

Thriving Personally in the Helping Profession: How to Combat Burnout and Enjoy Your Life

July 12, 2019
Levis Faculty Center, Lecture Room 300
919 W Illinois St, Urbana 61801

Speaker: Gina Johnson MSW, CTS, LCSW, Pesi Certified Trauma Therapist

This workshop will discuss the different types of stress, including eustress and distress, and how these stressors lead to burnout and negativity bias. Gina will examine what the signs of burnout look like in the helping profession and how awareness of coping mechanisms and habit loops can help practitioners to avoid experiencing burnout.
Participants will learn practical strategies for the areas of our lives that can be controlled, such as thoughts, attitudes, efforts and actions. Participants will also learn how to develop their guiding “Blueprint Principles” so they can leave the workshop with a customized plan for future self-care that they can put into action immediately.