Using Illinois Data to Understand and Address the Juvenile Justice Pipeline

Susan Witkin, Senior Research Program Coordinator for the Center Prevention Research and Development at the University of Illinois School of Social Work was invited to present at the recent Summit on Juvenile Detention, Narrowing the Pipeline so Detention is the Last Resort held on August 24, 2016, in Springfield, IL. The audience included state, community and local juvenile justice advocates and policy makers. The focus of Ms. Witkin’ s presentation explained the IL statewide Juvenile Monitoring Information System’s (JMIS) data reporting that is managed, housed and analyzed at the University of Illinois. The JMIS system has provided juvenile detention data to a variety of policy makers and advocates for understanding, planning, policy initiatives and problem solving through data transparency, and statewide collaboration. This work ensures openness and compliance with the four core requirements of the federal Office of Juvenile Justice and Prevention (OJJDP) policy that monitors disproportionate minority contact, deinstitutionalization of status offenders, site and sound separation and jail removal.