Webinar Recording: Why the COVID Crisis Requires Trauma-Informed Solutions & Strategies

As a result of the COVID crisis, many people have experienced significant losses. Subsequently, helpers and healers are being asked to do more. The need for our services, support, and leadership to help individuals, families, neighborhoods, organizations, and communities will continue to grow exponentially. While talk about trauma exists broadly in our discourse, few have made the structural shifts to be trauma-informed.The COVID crisis has revealed vulnerabilities across our service array.

Every human service program, service or support from community-based organizations, such as schools and major policy organizations, has been forced to rethink its policies, procedures and practices. The crisis has also revealed the vulnerability of our social safety net. Beyond this, the adjustments that individuals, families, and communities have had to deal with have been traumatic.

Presenter: Karen Crawford Simms

  • Karen is an experienced consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach, and a licensed mental health counselor. Karen has expertise in trauma-informed care, culturally responsive practices, positive youth development, outcome-based planning, collaborative processes and implementing evidence-based practices. She’s the founder of Trauma & Resilience Initiative, Inc., a not-for-profit that coordinates both the Community Violence Response effort in Champaign County and the CU TRI working group, which is a part of the Champaign County Community Coalition.