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Stories of Impact


It’s the driving force behind our curriculum, our programs, our research, and our community engagement. These stories provide just a few examples of the ways our faculty, staff, students, and alumni are impacting the field and transforming lives.


Fostering Hope and Success

Sharva Hampton-Campbell, Graduate Student Affairs Coordinator

group image of students who are part of The Village Project group standing with Sharva Hampton Campbell


Helping to Stem the Tide

Rachel Garthe, Associate Professor, Undergraduate Research Program Coordinator and Doug Smith, Professor, Director of Center for Prevention Research and Development

Rachel Garthe and Doug Smith


Leading With Passion

Abbey Malbon, BSW '22

image of Abbey Malbon sitting outside on UIUC campus


Returning—Virtually—to Earn an MSW

Clair Brendel, BSW '15, MSW Student

Clair Brendel working for the American Red Cross


A Heart for the Distressed

Dora Watkins, PhD Student

headshot of Dora Watkins


The Road Less Traveled

Ian Hulette, MSW Student

headshot of Ian Hulette


Along for More Than the Ride

Becky Rowe, MSW '21

image of UIPD REACH team
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