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BSW Field Placement

It’s in your internship where you will take everything you’ve learned in the classroom out into the field, and where you begin to experience firsthand the depth and magnitude of the profession.

The BSW Field Experience

BSW Field Education provides an opportunity for students to integrate into practice the conceptual knowledge gained from coursework.

For BSW students, participating in generalist social work learning opportunities provides experiences across individuals, groups, families, communities, and organizations. Our partnering internship sites serve a multitude of diverse populations – offering you a wide range of educational experiences during the internship.

In your internship you will participate full-time in an organization that aligns with your interests, experience a wide range of learning activities, focus solely on your internship and receive support and guidance from agency Field Instructors and the Field Education Office faculty.

During the last semester of their senior year students will take SOCW 470; Professional Practice II. This class is a combination of a field seminar class and 32 hours of internship per week over a 16 week period.



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