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Illinois BHWELL is a clinical certificate and scholarship program at the University of Illinois for MSW students who want to learn team-based models for integrating health and mental health services in primary care settings in rural and underserved areas. BHWELL is funded by a four-year grant from the Healthcare Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) awarded to the School of Social Work.

Interested in becoming a BHWELL Scholar?

Check out our student information and requirements to learn more.

Become a BHWELL Healthcare Site

We are looking for innovative rural primary care settings – such as rural and community health clinics, rural and critical access hospitals, and Federally Qualified Health Centers —  that want to promote the integration of behavioral health and primary care, interprofessional training, and team-based care models to achieve the triple aim: improved patient outcomes and experience of care, cost control, and better population health in their communities.

BHWELL provides full-time MSW interns for six months, plus on-going training and support for interprofessional teams at participating sites.

Benefits to Sites

  • Opportunity to bring or expand behavioral health services to your community
  • Opportunity to explore models of Integrated Care that work best for your setting
  • Full-time MSW student intern for six months who is trained in integrated care
  • Free interprofessional training for the student and team members
  • Free bi-monthly phone calls with BHWELL staff for implementation support
  • Build or strengthen an solid community and university partnership to benefit your patients

Site Eligibility

  • Be or become a University of Illinois School of Social Work approved MSW field placement site (this includes having an MSW in your system who is willing to supervise the MSW intern; or your willingness to work with us to ensure supervision is available)
  • Be willing to implement integrated care behavioral health screenings and brief interventions
  • Support team-based interprofessional learning as part of the BHWELL program

Refer a co-worker or friend to BHWELL

Is there a co-worker at your organization with untapped potential in the area of counseling and behavioral health? Someone who may be considering grad school and the MSW degree?  We are actively recruiting prospective MSW students from rural Illinois and underserved areas who have a passion for learning evidence-based models of collaborative care and contributing to health and vitality among rural and underserved populations.  Please help us spread the word about this unique opportunity to advance a career and “give back” to your community. Please tell them about our iMSW programs designed for distance learners (we offer several online or hybrid online/campus MSW degree options), and share this BHWELL web page with them.


Email: or contact Dr. Janet Liechty, PhD, LCSW, Principal Investigator

“A number of students have emailed us saying ‘I got this job because of BHWELL, because they were interested in integrated care. I’m so glad I had this extra training!’ It’s a boost to them on the job market as well.”

Janet Liechty, associate professor and principal investigator for BHWELL
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