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Social Work Research Office

The Research Office works closely with the Dean, the Business Office, and research relevant university offices to support all levels of faculty research at the School of Social Work.  We seek to maintain a culture of rigorous, collaborative, and interprofessional research that is innovative and has real world impact. We accomplish this through high quality lectures, trainings, social events, dissemination of research findings and opportunities, and sharing of resources.

Faculty services include:

Proposal support and notification system:

The research office sends research opportunities to faculty regularly, organizes speakers and trainings, and promotes grant writing brainstorming meetings, peer review activities, and collective grant submissions.

Those planning to submit a grant proposal must complete and submit the grant proposal form. Your grant manager will respond within 48 hours with specific questions, submission deadlines and any relevant information.

If you plan to request a pre-submission grant review service, please complete this form as soon as possible. Note that we give reviewers 1 week to complete the review, so plan accordingly. We recommend you allow at least 2 weeks to get the application reviewed and to incorporate the review feedback.

For research templates and internal/confidential information refer to the Research Office Box folder.

Note below the Campus submission dates and related offices and grant writing resources.

Faculty pilot research funding:

The School of Social Work provides limited pilot research funding to tenure-track faculty in instances where external funding is not feasible. Awards are available up to $10,000. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, subject to the availability of funds.

Funded proposals must:

  • Be well justified (e/g., Why is external funding not feasible? Why are funds needed now?)
  • Advance the School’s mission and strategic plan
  • Are expected to lead to an external funding application

Priority consideration will be given to proposals that:

  • Address social justice issues and/or lead to real world applications
  • Include collaborations between tenure-track faculty, specialized faculty, research staff and/or students at any level
  • Include a plan to provide research outcomes in one peer reviewed publication and one conference presentation

Additional guidelines:

  • Awards will not support funding for faculty summer or academic year salary
  • A principle investigator may receive only one award per fiscal year.
  • Funds must be spent within two years of award.

Proposals will be reviewed by the Dean, the Associate Dean for Research, and the Associate Dean for Administration. PIs will be informed of the decision within 2 weeks of submission.

Submit your proposal for consideration

Editing and publication services:

The Research Office offers editing services to any faculty member planning on submitting manuscripts for publication. Those interested in the services can simply e-mail our editor and copy the Business Office at with your request. The editor needs at least one week to complete the work.

Statistical analysis consultations:

Faculty working on a grant proposal or a manuscript that will be submitted for peer review can request statistical support from our statistics team. They can provide consultation, complete analysis, and collaborate as members of your research team. Funded projects are expected to pay for these services and grant proposals are expected to include the statistician as a paid member of the research team if the project is funded. Projects that cannot afford the services will not be charged. Those interested in these services, please submit the statistical support request form.

Support with IRB applications and compliance:

The School of Social Work does not have a formal pre-review committee, thus faculty will submit IRB applications directly to the University IRB. However, we can provide IRB application support including conducting a pre-review, offering boilerplate language, helping you brainstorm ways to comply with both research and human subjects needs.

If you are interested, please e-mail Kim Erbe directly with your request at

Share your work:

Send us information regarding your new grants, publications, presentations, awards, etc.




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