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iMSW Program Options

Take the next step in advancing your career- Our iMSW program is a convenient option for non-traditional students that delivers coursework in a flexible model, allowing you to continue to work full-time while taking your education to the next level.

Advanced Standing or Traditional Entry

Students will enter the program via one of two paths:

Advanced Standing

Students eligible for the Advanced Standing  program must have earned a bachelors of social work degree within the past 7 years from a Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredited BSW program. The Advanced Standing program requires a total of 32 credit  hours of advanced coursework. Upon successful completion of all advanced coursework required by a chosen concentration/focus area students will complete 1-2 semesters (12-24 credit hours) of field placement depending upon admissions status.


Students eligible for the Traditional program are those with an undergraduate degree other than social work or a bachelors of social work degree from a non-accredited Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) program. The Traditional program requires a total of 16 hours of foundation coursework, 32 hours of advanced coursework, and a two semester field internship (24 credit hours).

Tuition for the iMSW program is per credit hour and the current 2022-2023 rate is 598.00 per credit hour.

Degree Requirements

Concentrations and Focus Areas

Admission Information and Requirements

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