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iMSW Program Options

Take the next step in advancing your career- Our iMSW program is a convenient option for non-traditional students that delivers coursework in a flexible model, allowing you to continue to work full-time while taking your education to the next level.

Advanced Standing or Traditional Entry

Students enter the iMSW program as an Advanced Standing student or as a traditional student.

Advanced Standing students have a bachelor of social work degree from a Council on Social Work Education accredited program within the past seven years.  Advanced Standing students complete a 44-56 credit hour program.

Traditional students are those with an undergraduate degree in any other discipline, their CSWE accredited bachelor of social work degree is more than seven years old, or their social work degree is from a non-accredited program.  Traditional students complete a 72 credit hour program.

Tuition for the iMSW program is per credit hour and the current 2020-2021 rate is 598.00 per credit hour.

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