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Leadership and Social Change Concentration

Our iMSW Program consists of a diverse, non-traditional group of individuals with varied experiences and professional backgrounds who wish to develop their skills and further their knowledge in social work. The program affords students the opportunity to obtain their MSW degree on a part-time basis through fully online courses with weekly Zoom sessions during the evening. This model allows students to remain full-time employment while pursuing their MSW degree.

Leadership and Social Change Concentration

The Leadership and Social Change (LSC) concentration prepares social work students to further  their careers by developing advanced skills in macro practice.  Since the social work profession has a long tradition of working towards improving conditions of disadvantaged populations through advocacy efforts with political officials and others, this concentration will prepare students for macro-level advanced practice. These skills can lead to positions, such as, policy advocate, program director, executive director, political strategist, supervisor, administrator, public service leader, strategic planner, or consultant


Model Program: iMSW Leadership & Social Change

First Summer & Fall Semesters for Traditional students only. Advanced Standing students transition in Spring.


Semester Course Number
Semester 1: Summer SOCW 410 SOCW 451
Semester 2: Fall SOCW 427 SOCW 400
Semester 3: Spring SOCW 510 SOCW 526
Semester 4: Summer SOCW 520 SOCW 522
Semester 5: Fall SOCW 542 SOCW 5-- or Outside LSC Elective
Semester 6: Spring SOCW 584 SOCW 5-- or Outside LSC Elective
Semester 7: Summer Start 1-2 Semester Field Placement
Semester 8: Fall Start 1-2 Semester Field Placement

iMSW Leadership & Social Change Sample

MSW Admissions

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