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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

SOCW 310: Undergraduate Research Assistance

This is a great starting point for getting involved in research. Students will assist a faculty member on one of their current research projects. This is a great opportunity to learn more about research, assist leading scholars in social work research with a wide array of tasks, and gain valuable experience in preparation for future careers and graduate school.

Interested in SOCW 310? What’s next?

  • Contact School of Social Work faculty: Browse faculty bios and research areas and check out Illinois Experts
  • Talk with fellow BSW, MSW, and PhD students
  • Read the BSW e-Newsletter: some faculty will advertise openings or opportunities through the newsletter
  • Email Undergraduate Research Program Coordinator, Professor Rachel Garthe, for more information.

After assisting with research, students may want to continue to hone their skills as researchers. There are two additional course options for these students (SOCW 418 and SOCW 480). Both require a faculty mentor and School approval. Contact Dr. Garthe for more information.

If you have written a research piece, policy analysis, literature review, poster presentation, or creative piece (e.g., multimedia presentation, artistic expression), and would like to publish this work in a peer-reviewed journal, consider the Journal of Undergraduate Social Work Research.

Journal of Undergraduate Social Work Research

The Journal of Undergraduate Social Work Research (JUSWR) is the University of Illinois School of Social Work journal that showcases peer-reviewed undergraduate research from social work and related disciplines. JUSWR is an annual publication that provides a comprehensive forum for discourse on research and other forms of original work relevant to social work and current social issues. JUSWR welcomes submissions throughout the year. Send submissions to:

You can also apply to serve as a Peer Editor for the JUSWR. A call for editors will be announced early in the spring semester.

2021 Call for Papers – Submission deadline for the Fall 2021 Volume 5 is June 1, 2021

Current Staff:

Senior Editor

Rebecca Dohleman Hawley, MSW

Undergraduate Senior Editor

Mary-Elizabeth Guenther

Undergraduate Junior Editors

Allison Keating

Reed Marshall

David Mowry

Matt Saxsma

Madisyn Welsh

Amanda C. Yeazel

Advisory Board

Dr. Janet Carter-Black, BSW Program Director

Dr. Rachel Garthe, Undergraduate Research Program Coordinator

For more information on the JUSWR or undergraduate research

Rachel Garthe

Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Research Program Coordinator

image of Rachel Garthe sitting at desk
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