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Connections Corner

The Community Learning Lab is excited to welcome a diverse group of community partners to the hallways of the School of Social Work.

Mark your calendars

The following list of organizations are set to engage with students like you, sharing valuable information about an array of opportunities. Whether you’re on the lookout for full-time positions, part-time gigs, enriching internships, or meaningful service opportunities, be sure to stop by. Not only will you have the chance to explore potential career paths, but you’ll also get to connect with organizations that are making a positive impact right here in our local communities.

Every Tuesday from 11am-12pm and every Thursday from 12pm-1pm at the School of Social Work

August 29, 2023: Habitat for Humanity

August 31, 2023: RACES: Rape Advocacy, Counseling, and Education Services

September 5, 2023: Committee on Aging

September 7, 2023: Brightpoint

September 12, 2023: Avicenna Community Health Center

September 19, 2023: DISABILITY Resource Expo

September 21, 2023: Champaign-Urbana Jewish Federation

September 26, 2023: Epilepsy Advocacy Network

September 28, 2023: Community Foundation of East Central Illinois

October 3, 2023: Buy Black Chambana

October 5, 2023: The Autism Program

October 10, 2023: The Land Connection

October 12, 2023: FirstFollowers

October 17, 2023: Promise Healthcare

October 19, 2023: Veterans Affairs

October 24, 2023: Illinois Marathon

October 31, 2023: UC Books to Prisoners

November 2, 2023: Caritas Family Solutions

November 7, 2023: The Refugee Center

November 9, 2023: Champaign Unit 4 School District

November 14, 2023: Cunningham Township Supervisor’s Office

November 16, 2023: Community Choices

November 28, 2023: Grow in America

November 30, 2023: Champaign County Environmental Stewards

December 5, 2023: Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

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