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Stories of Impact


It’s the driving force behind our curriculum, our programs, our research, and our community engagement. These stories provide just a few examples of the ways our faculty, staff, students, and alumni are impacting the field and transforming lives.


Applying a Futures Lens to Societal Challenges

Julie Muñoz-Nájar, Clinical Associate Professor, MSW '08

Julie Najar headshot, standing outside


Continuously Ask Yourself Who You Want To Be

Araceli Carbajal, BSW '20, MSW Student

Student standing in front of Grange Grove


Supporting the Mental Health of Veterans

Julie Porter, Intensive Community Mental Health Recovery (ICMHR) Social Worker

Close up of American flag


A “Perfect Fit”

Brandie Bentley , PhD Candidate

headshot of Brandie Bentley


Moving From Trauma to Growth

Wan-Jung (Wendy) Hsieh, PhD Student

headshot image of wendy hsieh


It Was Like Family

Tatiana Villarreal, MSW '20

image of students with their hands together in a circle


In the Right Place

Minh Aimone, MSW '22

Minh Aimone with arms outstretched


On a Family Journey

Scarlett Davalos, BSW '19, MSW Student

image of Scarlett Davalos standing at the School of Social Work, holding a folder


Caring for the Troops and the Troubled

Adam Griffy, MSW '19

msw student headshot of adam griffy
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