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Erika La Frano

PhD Student


1010 W Nevada Street

Urbana, IL 61820

What I Do

Erika has experience as a psychotherapist in private practice and at Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers in rural California. Erika also worked previously as a medical social worker at Stanford Healthcare and as a project manager for an NIH grant in the department of Psychiatry at the UC Davis Medical Center.

Erika’s clinical and research experience includes the detection and treatment of mental health conditions in primary care settings, the use of culturally and linguistically sensitive psychotherapeutic interventions, and provider education about the impact that developmental trauma and interpersonal violence can have on health seeking behaviors, medical treatment adherence and mental health.


MSW from the University of California, Los Angeles
B.A. in Socio-cultural Anthropology and Spanish Literature from the University of California, Davis


Erika’s research interests include trauma informed interventions, integrated care, and the effects of immigration and intergeneration trauma on the physical and psychological wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Selected Publications

Hinton L, La Frano E, Harvey D, et al. Feasibility of a family-centered intervention for depressed older men in primary care. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. 2019;34(12):1808-1814. doi:10.1002/gps.5196

Rivas-La Frano E and Dumit J. “It’s all About the Communal Mentality”: Anthropological Perspectives on Latinos’ views of Depression and Antidepressants. MURALS (Mentorships for Undergraduate Research in Agriculture Letters and Science) Research Journal (Not peer reviewed). 2009

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